Phantom of the Blasteroids - Sci-fi shooter released for the C64 by Genesis Project

Rent-A-Cop wasn't the only game we had the pleasure of playing this week, as we were informed by Genesis Project that they had released their space shooter game 'Phantom of the Blasteroids' for the C64 during the Datastorm 2018 event. This game was developed by wertstahl, graphics by wertstahl and music by celticdesign as a multiplayer experience involving two spaceships trying to destroy each other for a final win!

In this game you control your own space ship and must blast way the enemy with a replenished shot, and take his energy reserves down to 0 to win the game Although there isn't much in the way of graphics in Phantom of the Blasteroids; a simple UI and two small blasteroid ships, plus the control scheme may take some getting used to. The game is at least addictive for two players to get involved blasting each other to smithereens.

Links :1) Source 2) Download 3) Trainer

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