Sir Ababol - A new Amiga game port release for 2018!

Great news this afternoon as thanks to a heads up by our good friend Per-Ola Eriksson, we have learnt that the 8bit game of ' Sir Ababol ', which was designed by the Mojon Twins for the C64, ZX Spectrum and NES, has appeared on the Amiga as a port by Birra, Tom and Zoltar. This Amiga version started as an internal excerise learning how to make a direct port from C sources to Amiga Blitz Basic and this game is the end result!

ZX Spectrum version

Control Sir Ababol through the Monegros looking for all the ababoles. To progress in your adventure you will have to find a series of keys that you can use to open doors and access other locations. Once you have gathered 25 trees, your mission will end. Be aware this wont be easy as not only is the water deadly, but there's bicharrages that swarm around the stage that will also do you harm!

For all Amiga computers with 512 Kb.

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