Trap Runner - A lovely new Amiga game by Night OWL Design

A great day of retro gaming is ahead of us, and even more so now as we've recently been told by DamienD of the EAB forums that Retroguru, who were behind games such as Sqrxz and Hermes, have distributed a brand new Amiga party game called ' Trap Runner '. This game developed by Night OWL Design, is a fun filled Jump'n'Run platformer that was officially shown off at the Function 2018 demo party in Budapest. Just be aware this is the party release, although it's complete more polishing may happen before doing the official version later.

As noted by phx, Trap Runner features 5 worlds with different graphics and four stages in each, always completed by a bonus level. So there are 25 levels, followed by a special boss fight in level 26. Additionally there are few extra levels you can warp to, like jetpack-flying levels. As for the difficulty of this new game, it's more fair than Sqrxz but you still have to be on your guard to evade all the deadly obstacles in the game. And that's pretty much the short description of this fine platformer, but for more details hit the link below and have fun!
  • Runs on any classic Amiga. Minimun requirements: 512K Chip-RAM and 1 MB total.
  • Written in 100% 68000 assembler.
  • 50fps, soft parallax scrolling, more than 50 colours.
  • Handdrawn pixels.
  • More than 25 soundtracks and about the same number of different sound effects.
  • Options menu with joypad-button configuration, ECS-borderblank, sound-check, etc.
  • Passwords for each level.
  • Writable options and high score table.
  • Intro and outro story.
  • Comes as fully packed disk (Doynamite compressed) with trackloader.
  • Development started for real around February 2018.
Links :1) Detailed Description 2) Download

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