Dungeon Hunt II - A new dungeon crawler gets an Atari 8bit preview

Our love of Dungeon Crawlers is strong, from the days of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, to the more modern tone of Grimrock and Aeon of Sands. But there's another crawler that's coming and this one is an Atari 8bit homebrew which has not only been anounced with a release date of Fall/Winter 2018 but has been teased with a brand new trailer showing the movement and combat!

As noted by Jacobus this upcoming game called Dungeon Hunt II, will feature wide open spaces, improved graphics, new monsters, new maps, multi level mazes and as the sequel to the first game it will be completely re-written with a new engine. And that's pretty much all we know so far, so look out for this game towards the end of 2018 as it will be free!

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