X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter: Attack on the Death Star - Pico-8 demake of a PC classic

Back in the day, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter was one of the best games in the PC space sim genre... and a Star wars game at that! Excellent graphics, brilliant dogfight mechanics and great mission design. It improved upon the previous X-Wing game but by allowing a choice of flying for the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. In the latest in our roundup of Pico-8 demakes, forum member freds72 has de-made XWvTF into one of the best sims on the platform

The game is split into 4 missions, broadly similar to the old wireframe arcade game. 1) Shoot down tie fighters away from the death star 2) take out shield generators on the surface of the death star, 3) trench run to blow it up 4) shoot down Vader's tie fighter.

Moving on to the later missions requires destroying several waves of fighters using similar mechanics to the PC games rather than the simplified arcade mechanics. This does mean getting past the first mission takes a lot of practice lining up the enemy in the distance

The gameplay is fast and frenetic and super smooth (though in the browser is a bit choppy in the sound department but that applies to most carts)

Download via splore in the Pico-8 client  (search for x-wing) or play in browser on:


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