Knightlore - Ultimate Play the Game classic gets a full Z80 Conversion to the C64

Although I am not a fan of the Ultimate Play the Games, even if they still do have a huge cult following and classed as a great collectors item. We couldn't put aside the fact that thanks to a heads up by our good friend Steven Day, that the C64 port of ' Knightlore ' has since been made available as a full Z80 conversion to the C64 by Rod and Emu! Originally a 1984 action-adventure by Ultimate Play the Game, this was an isometric title and written by company founders Chris and Tim Stamper. It was also available for the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC, MSX and Famicom Disk System!

In this classic game you play as Sabreman, who has been bitten by the Sabre Wulf and transforms into a werewolf at night.  He has forty days to collect items throughout many rooms and must brew a cure for his curse. This is made ever more difficult in an isometric viewpoint as many deadly obstacles are in the way, that when touched will kill you outright. In the above gif for example, if you jump and touch those mines or spikes you'll die, if you push the tables underneath and stay too long, the mines will drop and yes you'll die again. This is pretty much what the entire game is like and some of the rooms are very difficult, requiring much thought or fast timing!

In regards to this release however, according to Emu there was a number of people behind this port, such as Mariusz who did the re-complier and optimisations, Saul who did the awesome music, and STE that did the cool loading screen you see in the first screenshot. As for the main developments which includes this being the first full Z80 to 6502 conversion of Knight Lore including all the features from the original Spectrum game, Emu has also mentioned the performance of the game is very good if not better than many of the 8-bit versions which are listed in the comments section of CSDb.

And that's pretty much the short version of this incredible conversion, but for more info hit the source link below.

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