LumberJack - A very BASIC version of the Homebrew C64 wood chopper

LumberJack has appeared on Indie Retro News a number of times over the last few years, what with
Megastyle & Protovision's C64 release in 2016 and Cobe and Lemming880's Amiga conversion in 2017. But now it looks as if another version has come into the light and that is Steveboy's Lumberjack Basic. A very BASIC version of the very enjoyable wood chopping game where the only challenge is to chop a tree down while trying not get crushed by the tree itself.

For what is a game made in BASIC this version of Lumberjack by Steveboy is just as enjoyable as all the other versions and as one person on the CSDb rightly says is very playable. The only critique I could give the game is the response time is a little slow, but then that could be down to the C64 forever emulator i'm using on my other computer. Still other than that, i'd highly recommend C64 owners to give this game a go.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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