Maze Death Rally-X - Maze Death Race 1983 Remake gets a speccy beta!

It wasn't too long ago that many of us had the pleasure of playing Allan Turvey's Terrapins RX; a Rally X Remix demo which was based on the 1980 game by Namco and official conversion Maze Death Race which was released later in 1983 by PSS for the ZX Spectrum 16K. Fast forward to today and Rally X is back for a triumphant return! As according to TomD he has released the first beta release of the full game of Maze Death Rally-X: a remake of the 1983 game with a touch of the Arcade original!

As we said before in relation to the full version, the developer has said a lot of the elements of the original arcade version was in the 1983 game by PSS, but going by the fact that it ran on 16k Spectrums and was impressive at the time, there was still a lot cut out as you could definitely tell. What he is doing however for this version is remaking the game for the glorious 48k ZX Spectrum with an aim to be as close to the Arcade game as possible, complete with all the awesome gameplay intact.

Moving on to this release however, which is still a beta but 99% complete of the full game. The biggest change overall other than the 3 extra mazes is the fact the speeds of the cars are higher, while deviating a little from the Arcade version, as it wasn't possible to have the smaller speed steps you see in the original Arcade game. In terms of the difficulty level that it also different, as in the other version it ramps up too fast but in this it's fairer with extra cars chasing you, rocks in the way and more diffcult mazes as the levels progress.

And that's just a small portion of the changes, so if you want to try out the beta head on over to the link below, read the changelog, and download for a rather decent Arcade experience.

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