Unique and historically important working Psygnosis Amiga 3000 goes up on Ebay

From prototypes to working hardware and games that have been lost and found, there's always something we haven't seen that hits the headlines much to the delight of the retro community. Well thanks to a heads up by Mike Clarke, he us told us he is selling an Amiga 3000 with quite a bit of history. This Amiga 3000 as noted on the Ebay page, is a one of a kind Amiga as used by various artists at Psygnosis and sold by Mike,who also told us he worked at Psygnosis from 1992 to 1999 doing audio and this was one of a number of machines he rescued that had been placed in a corridor ready to be thrown out.

Furthermore this Amiga 3000 was first used by the artist Jeff Bramfitt, and the reason behind the initials was the fact this item even during its time was highly prized because of the built in flicker fixer, and Jeff most likely wanted it kept on his desk and not placed into anyone elses hands. Jeff has even responded over this Amiga and has confirmed that he used the machine for various bits of artwork on the following games including Shadow of the Beast II and even Lemmings, which is confirmed by the files still contained on the hard drive as well as other pieces of in progress artwork.

Although others have used the Amiga 3000 during its life time including Chris Moore, Darren Douglas and Digby Rogers for games such as Theatre of Death and Last Action Hero, what really stands out with this historic Amiga 3000, is the fact that it was the actual machine used to create the original Amiga Lemmings intro and logo shown in the video above!

And that's just a small part of the history behind this fantastic machine, so if you want further details or to watch as the Amiga 3000 becomes a highly sought Amiga on Ebay, then check out the Ebay link below. 

Link :1) Ebay

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