Super Galax-I-Birds - A super duper C64 Shoot em up!

C64 owners do you fancy playing a rather cool shoot em up where the only goal is to get the highest score against your opponent? Well look no further than Super Galax-I-Birds! A wickedly fast shoot em up by C64 Crap Debunk, that doesn't just feature a rapid onslaught of enemy bird like creatures, but there's also a brilliant fast paced soundtrack that really suits the game being played too!

Beware this game is extremely tough, a game that requires rapid eye movement and a fast reaction time. Because as the game progresses those crazy creatures will attack you from all sides and the thought of a high score is the last thing on your mind! So there's the challenge, load it up and beat everybody else to that top score!

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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