SPECTRANET – Ethernet based ZX Spectrum device, loads games from the Internet!

There are many ways to load ZX Spectrum games from real hardware, you can either attach a real tape deck, use your mobile phone OR devices such as the DIVMMC. But what if I told you, you could connect your ZX Spectrum to the internet and launch games. would you be interested? Well if you are, that's exactly what this article is about, as thanks to Ben Versteeg of  bytedelight and using Dylan Smith's 'Spectranet' with a valid MAC address, has been able to play games directly from the internet and using real ZX Spectrum hardware.

The Spectranet is the one and only ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum, developed by Dylan Smith and uses the TNFS communication protocol which allows the ZX Spectrum with a Spectranet to connect to a PC through ethernet. What Ben Versteeg has done is assemble the device and using a number of entry codes, has been able to connect and play games directly from the internet using real hardware, with the supplied video above showing it working perfectly.

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