Crownland - High grade homebrew platformer is getting an Amstrad CPC conversion

Way back in 2007 a platformer by the name of Crownland was released for the Atari 8bit by LaResistance, which came second place in the ABBUC Software Contest and blew us away with high quality graphics and superb platforming game play. Well fast forward to this month however and this highly enjoyable game is back in the news, as it will be making its way to the Amstrad with smooth scrolling parallax!

Yes indeed a game that came second place in the ABBUC Software Contest for the Atari 8bit, and second place in the Silly Venture 2018 Atari ST/STE game competition, will be coming to an Amstrad near you and feature many of the great gameplay aspects from those versions including smooth parallax, as a delight to all Amstrad owners across the globe. So far we don't have any other info, but make sure to check out the videos above as an early showing on the development of this lovely looking game.

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