Planet Cloudius IX - 90's inspired Commander Keen game gets a release!

I'm sure many of you remember that awesome game that is ' Commander Keen '; a game released by id Software and publishers Apogee software in the 90's for MS-DOS as a fun platformer using EGA as a pioneer for graphics at the time! But did you know Roobar released his Commander Keen inspired game called ' Planet Cloudius IX ' for modern platforms? You didn't? Well there's good news, because this game is available and looks well worth playing even as an inspiration!

You are Jake Rodgers. You are on a quest to find a mysterious girl which crashed her spaceship on a strange islands-in-the-sky formation called "Planet Cloudius IX". Many aliens, secrets, power-ups and vast areas to explore awaits you in this fun jump'n'run adventure! The game features 32 seriously cool retro inspired levels full of enemies, goodies, and NPC's, controller support, multiple difficulties, different game mechanics including the Pogo stick, a 2.5D perspective and lots lots more!

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