KRAP PARK - Jaime Grilo's latest ZX Spectrum game gets a release!

Jaime Grilo is certainly no stranger when it comes to making enjoyable ZX Spectrum games, especially with games such as Zukinox and QUAHAPPY under his speccy belt. But now after a previous tease in 2018 and again just recently with an added awesome theme tune, he's yet again mentioned his latest upcoming ZX Spectrum game of ' KRAP PARK'; which unlike before, has had an official release and can be downloaded below!

KRAP PARK is a top down arcade game whereby you need bring multiple items to a gangsta, who has stole your girlfriends precious necklass. The game is available for both the Spectrum 48K (without music) and Spectrum 128k (with AY music), and was made using Arcade Game Designer 4.7 and AGDMusicizer II with a team of people such as Allan Turvey, Andy Green, Ironman and Damien Guard.

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