MiniMIKE - Early C64 game preview feels more like a WIP indie title

While some of you are considering pledging for the Parallaxian Kickstarter but would still rather play a new C64 game right now, then you might be interested to know that Paul Nicholls has made available an early preview of his work in progress game ' MiniMIKE '; a new game that feels a bit like Load Runner, except with deadly traps to that of VVVVV or even Super Meat Boy!

One of the most enjoyable previews I've played for some time even at this early stage, you play as that little tiny man called MIKE and must traverse through each screen collecting coins and avoiding being killed by deadly enemies and nasty spiked traps. What makes the game so enjoyable, is not only is the game nice to look at (feels more like a modern indie game) but it's very smooth to play with responsive controls, and you can climb and slide down walls to aid you in your travels!

So look out for this one as I think it could be a big hitter once it's finished with music and lots of great levels...

Links :) Source - Triad 2) Download

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