Pagoda Warrior II - A brand new C64 game featuring music by Richard Bayliss!

The C64 news just keeps on coming, as earlier today we were informed by the developer Stefano "Mc.Valdemar" Canali, that he had released a new C64 game called ' Pagoda Warrior II '; a brand new game featuring music by Richard Bayliss that has been entered in the C64 SEUCK Competition as a follow up to an unreleased SEUCK game he did many years ago lost when he sold all of his Commodore gear.

The developer has told us the original game had the player fighting his way through four different pagodas to take down a criminal cult worshipping a flying snake. In this game however you need to finally confront their god in flesh (scales) and bones and vanquish this cult forever. So yes you'll be passing through lots of different areas such as a garden and dungeons of a palace as a personal quest to defeat a long time enemy!

This game has been developed on a PAL C64 with a 1541C drive and a 1084 DS-2 monitor, as well as trying to go beyond standard SEUCK values such as multiple speed levels, a strong theme, unique colors, unique enemies, different challenges and the ending boss is introduced by a 30 second sequence that in SEUCK required the usage of fast level swapping!

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