FUZ - PICO-8 Puzzle Platformer demake of FEZ (Playable Online)

FEZ which is a Puzzle Platformer, was released way back in 2012-2013 on both Xbox 360 and Windows Steam as a game developed by Polytron Corporation in which featured a rather unusual rotating design as your character can explore a 3D world in certain 2D perspectives. This game which gathered favourable reviews has made an appearance this week in our inbox, but instead of being the original we remember, is instead a new Pico-8 Demake that has been developed and released by Henry Stadolnik.

According to the creator, FUZ is a tiny adventure game based directly on FEZ, and features a total of 8 distinct areas, with both the visuals, mechanics and puzzles based off those in the original game. He goes on to say although FEZ does have a phenomenal soundtrack, a lot of it does not translate well to the Pico-8 but does work well enough for people to enjoy the game enough to keep playing.

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