Cruiser-X 79 - C64 shoot em up preview teased by The New Dimension

Another game to add to a long list of C64 designed shoot em ups, as we've recently been told by a good friend of ours that The New Dimension has released an early preview of an upcoming game called ' Cruisder-X 79 '. This game developed by Richard Bayliss and Saul Cross, pits your fighter against an alien force, as you must escape from an Alien Base on a mission to reach an earth like planet called ' Earth-X '.

According to the write up on the TND website, this is a playable preview of Cruiser-X 79; a vertical scrolling blaster, with some neatly rendered graphics by Saul Cross as a proper vertical scrolling shoot 'em up without SEUCK. For those of you hoping for a release soon, will be a little dissapointed, as not only is the game not quiet finished with development to come throughout the  year, but the preview only features 1 level.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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