Andy's Escape - A Challenging platformer released for the ZX Spectrum 48k

While many of you are probably baking in this heat, you might find the time to cool down with a new game to play on your ZX Spectrum called ' Andy's Escape '. This game developed using AGD by Dave Hughes (UK), puts you in the boots of Andy on a personal quest to retire early and enjoy retirement life. Beware this wont be easy however as you'll need to avoid the IRMS and Isotope enemies while also collecting that final paycheck!

Andy's Escape is your typical platforming ZX Spectrum game, jump over enemies, leap from platform to platform, avoid head banging into some deadly spikes, and finally collect envelope items to exit the level. Overall Andy's Escape isn't a bad game, but the difficulty level is too high for a first level and if you fall just that little too far you'll spend half the time dazed before an enemy kills you and you have to restart.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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