Chips - Puzzle remake is coming to an Amiga near you!

JetHunt wasn't the only game announced for the Amiga this week, as thanks to a heads up on the EAB forums, we've been told Chips will be coming to the Commodore Amiga as an early demo at some point soon. Yes indeed if you love Puzzle games, then you'll be pleased to know sandruzzo with artwork by ppill, will be bringing this rather nice game to the Commodore Amiga that may be a remake of the 2004 game 'Chips' by DrHirudo.

Click here for an updated video!

In terms of the gameplay aspect as one member asked what do you do in Chips. The artist responded that "you must collide all chips of the same color into each other. Last chip left turns into a board tile. Since there are 4 colors of tiles you should end up with 4 boards and collide them together to form the computer tile. Set up next moves and don't let a moving tile hit you".

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