Escape From Dinosaur Island DX - A new ZX Spectrum Adventure from Adventuron

Glorious news ZX Spectrum owners as the previously released browser based ZX Spectrum styled game of ' Escape From Dinosaur Island DX ', is now available for the ZX Spectrum hardware! Yes indeed thanks to heads up by Chris Ainsley. We've been told this latest release is a typing text based adventure game, as a deluxe edition of "Escape from Dinosaur Island" by Richard Pettigrew, and uses PAW for running the game, and was made possible via "Adventuron 2 PAW".

Browser Version Shown Above

Escape from Dinosaur Island DX is a (gentle) remaster of Escape From Dinosaur Island (by Richard Pettigrew), which was an IFComp 2018 entry, and one of the first Adventuron games released using an earlier version of the engine. This "DX" version according to the main website, updates the engine, adds a TALP tutorial,  adds location graphics,tweaks minor aspects of the game and skins the game in a vibrant retro aesthetic... Please note however "This version does not (yet) have graphics, but the odds of graphics being added in in the future (on a +3 release) are pretty good given all the Adventuron graphics were made to ZX Spectrum graphic limitations ".

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