The FUSION 2020 Annual - Bi-monthly FUSION magazine in the form of a fantastic annual!

From the early part of last year, we have been giving you multiple heads up regarding a great gaming magazine called ' Fusion ', which is a magazine which features not just gaming news from Indie and Retro but also Handhelds and even Table Tops ( Bit like us really but in magazine form :p ). Well you'll be pleased to know if you missed out on any of the issues, or want all the best bits in an annual form, Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books has launched the ' Fusion 2020 Annual ' Kickstarter : A Kickstarter that's described as everything great about the bi-monthly FUSION magazine in the form of an annual for 2020.

As noted by the Kickstarter write up : This magazine covers, or fuses, content on all types of gaming including retro, modern, Indie, table top and even toys and there have been 7 issue to date that have been hugely successful with issue #1 selling over 1,250 copies and the others not too far behind. If that wasn't all, each issue has bespoke artwork, not found anywhere else created specifically for the magazine such as the gorgeous artwork from Trevor Storey (issue #2 onwards).

So why would you be interested in an annual? Well not only to continue the idea of the Crash and ZZap! 64 annuals also produced by the same team (Roger Kean and Oliver Frey), but it's filled with 120 pages of fabulous write ups and gaming related info, and packed into A5 in size, hardback and is colour throughout with high quality 135gsm glossy paper inside just like their Crash and ZZap! 64 Annuals, with a top quality sci-fi cover art by Trevor Storey..... Phew!

And that's just a small taster of what is on offer, so head on over to the Kickstarter below, check out the awesome perks and hopefully be a backer for the Christmas launch.

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