Arietta of Spirits - A lovely looking action-adventure game gets a demo

Pulling ourselves away from all the retro games, if you're looking for a charming looking action adventure, you might be interested in playing Arietta of Spirits, which is not only in development for the PC, but there's a demo available and it's also currently on Steam. According to the developer(s), this game is a story-driven action-adventure, following Arietta on her journey to unveil the mysteries of the Spirit Realm filled with emotion and surprising turns!

The game tells the story of Arietta and her family, visiting their Grandmother's cabin for the first time after her passing away a year prior. However, the family trip takes an unexpected turn when Arietta meets a mysterious new friend and gains the ability to see the strange beings that inhabit the island. - The game features a secluded island with lush forests, murky caverns and dark secrets, fascinating characters, a wide fange of enemies in reaction based combat, and finally if you play the demo right now the whole beginning act of the game!

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