Luna - Frantic yet fun C64 game for Halloween

It's Halloween today and you know what that means... Ghostly games! Yes indeed the first one up for this creepy season is a C64 game called ' Luna ' by Shallan and team developed for the latest Halloween Game Dev Competition. In this game playing as a witch, you must traverse through dangerous caverns while avoiding many waves of enemies as a one hit death experience. Basically one hit and it's game over!

Thankfully playing as a witch she does have some spells at her disposal! Fly through caverns shooting spells at enemies and keep going as when the power increases to max, you'll be blasting non stop until the power level drops and you need to do it all over again. Beware though, as the further in the game you get, your speed will increase, the caves will get tighter and you'll need to react fast!

Links :1) Final Version : Now available to download!

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