Super Mario Bros on the ZX Spectrum as a demo? Crazy!

Pinball Dreams released on the CPC and Eye of the Beholder coming to the C64, could things get even crazier? Well it looks as if it just has! Welcome to the Super Mario Bros 128k Demo, a very early yet pretty amazing work in progress port of the classic NES game, which as of this moment according to the description below the video, features most of the first five of the eight worlds of the game written for the CaFe 2019 demoparty.

Granted it's no full game, and there's every chance it may never come to the ZX Spectrum as a fully featured title, even if many in the C64 community was blown away by that particular version of Mario. This version of Super Mario Bros 128K however, was developed by Sergei Smirnov / Gogin showing off a 50 FPS game engine for the ZX Spectrum 128K running at 3.5 MHz with software side-scroller and one-frame logic pipeline.

Links :1) Source & Download! 2) Mirror

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