The highs and lows of Indie Retro News

I've been thinking a lot about this and whether I should write an article about it or not, but today I decided enough is enough and something has to be said. Yes Indie Retro News has lots of views, yes I've spoken to some really nice people, yes we've got some great reviewers, and yes I've announced a lot of great games but this does all come at a cost to my own health.  One person said to me some time ago that "writing is a thankless task". Well yes I kinda agree there, and it mainly comes down to certain people and how they talk down to you. Basically talking to you like an angry strict parent who just found out their kid spelt one word wrong in a 50 page essay that has taken days upon days of no sleep to get done.

You see writing about games isn't as easy as some people think! You have to constantly check what's new, think of a "story" to write about that game and then double check to make sure it's ok before it's posted. Sometimes this can happen while putting food aside or it's 1am in the morning with people barking such words as " Did you get my email? " " Why have you not done it yet ? ".  I'm afraid my own personal health goes into the site and I try to make everyone happy, which doesn't always end up as a good result at the end of the day.

So here's why I'm writing this...  Basically my health is taking a turn for the worst yet again, my blood pressure is sky high, I constantly get bad headaches feeling faint, I have Autism, Dyslexia and OCD, bouts of depression, my mum is unwell and has suspected (c word) and some people in the retro scene have decided to put it upon themselves to speak to me with demands that must be done right now.

Yes I've made mistakes in my write ups, these thing happen I'm not perfect! Especially when developers don't contact you or tag you and you have to find that information yourself.  But it's the way some people talk to you especially as a request. Instead of saying hey Indie Retro News, any chance of changing such and such word or changing link to this link. it's "WHY DID YOU DO THAT, I'M NOT HAPPY, CHANGE IT NOW". There was one situation where I clearly stated it was a thanks for the heads up, but instead yet again, I'm the bad one because these people were not the developers and as one person nicely put it " THE OWNER DOESN'T CARE ". (Yes I did respond to this one in my own way as people have no right to speak down to others).

So why am I writing this? I just want to put it out there that I'm only Human, this is a hobby and the love of the gaming scene. If someone wants something changed just ask me nicely and I'll change it as soon as I can.... On that note I'll be taking a break as these last two weeks have pushed me to the brink, because as some people seem to think, I'm a Robot taking commands.

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