Donkey Kong Arcade Edition - The definite Speccy mod of Donkey Kong for the ZX Spectrum

In the early 80's Nintendo released one of the most famous games of all time, and that game was ' Donkey Kong '. A game in which you played as Mario that had to avoid obstacles across a number of platforms, with sometimes a hammer in hand to save a damsel in distress from a giant barrel throwing ape called Donkey Kong. That same game which made an appearance as a port on a number different systems, has now been given the full Arcade colour treatment on the ZX Spectrum, as thanks to a request by Rev Stuart Campbell and overhaul by mickfarrow and Pgyuri.

As we said before from a previous update. According to Rev Stuart Campbell, who posted in the World of Spectrum forums. He asked the question if it was possible to fix the colours in the licenced Ocean port of Donkey Kong, as it always annoyed him that for no obvious reason they were all wrong (particularly on the last stage), when the Speccy had a palette perfectly capable of rendering something that looked like the arcade game. Well thanks to a bit of handy work by mickfarrow and Pgyuri we now have a full colour overhaul version released with all the details changed as seen in the comparision screenshots above!

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