Florin's ZX Spectrum Haul of Games - book by Paul Davies

Hey! That guy looks kind of familiar.
It's time for another book review and as like my last book review, it's by a guy I know pretty well. It's me, in case you haven't guessed. Yes, nothing like shameless self promotion (hey, something has got to pay for the amount of coffee I consume) but where's the harm in that? It's not like I'm going to demand you go buy it (please?) but just more of a nod to let you know that just like the Predator, it's out there waiting for you and it ain't no man.....it's a book.

Aah, what a classic. No idea how Florin didn't make it onto the loading screen though. Pfft.

Here you'll find a collection of ZX Spectrum game reviews along with my usual ramblings, memories and interesting titbits about the games, trivia from the year each game was released and a foreword a legend in Speccy games, David Jones. He of Magic Knight fame! Yes, really. What a lucky guy I am. The selection of games range from bonafide classics like Spellbound (well, it had to be in there didn't it?), The Renegade Trilogy (though I appreciate only the first two are classics), Starquake, Pyjamarama, Robocop, Spy Vs Spy and others such as Viking Raiders, Aliens and How to Be a Complete Bastard. Something for everyone!

I'd love to give someone a reverse kick to the groin. Or indeed kick them over a subway wall. Merry Christmas!

If you spend a lot of time on IRN and have been doing so for a few years, you may well recognise some of the games and reviews featured here as this does include articles and reviews that I have written for this site, along with others written elsewhere. This is collection of my favourite reviews all put into one place that have been edited and updated where needed (can't believe I used to say 'awesome' so much) so they're easier to read without cringing in some places. You'll also find a little introduction about how my life became obsessed with the tiny machine of delight along with some great artwork from Bill Harbison. I promise I haven't just cobbled together lots of reviews by copying and pasting into Word. I PROMISE.

Check me out being all 'arty'.

So, if you're after a nice little stocking filler for the Speccy person in your life, or your good self, then this could be the answer to your Christmas-like prayers! Available now from Amazon in paperback or you can pre-order the Kindle version which will be available on Christmas Eve. How festive. If you'd like to check it out and maybe order a copy or three head here and make this dwarf's Christmas a great one.

Merry Christmas from Florin!

I'll just finish to say thank you all for those who enjoy Indie Retro News and if you enjoy reading my ramblings every now and then....what's wrong with you? Of course by this I mean, thank you! If you do enjoy it, how about you check out my book here on Amazon? Oh, I've done that bit already. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (I'll do this now as I'm unlikely to knock out another review before Christmas - sorry. By 'knock out' I of course mean do days of prep and research before I start constructing a full in-depth review of another Speccy review. *cough*) and a fanastic new year! Keep it retro, my friends!

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Thank you!

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