The Hair-Raising Adventures of Mr Hair - A fabulous ZX Spectrum game appears, with a new review from Florinthedwarf!

They see him hair, they see him there...
It's the most wonderful time of! It's also a most wonderful time for another brilliant ZX Spectrum game created with AGD from the mind of Mr Lee Stevenson and with help from pixel maestro Andy Green on loading screen duty with music from Pedro Pimenta. Let's go and see what's in store!

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Especially if land in that vat of acid. Ouch.
Mr Hair is on a mission; a mission of freedom and the only thing in your way are foul beasts, crazy creatures and angry aliens as they block your path and try their darnedest to stop you. Though not only do you have them to contend with, but should you also happen to fall or accidentally jump the many spikes, pits and flames scattered around the place, you'll soon come a cropper to this evil land's plans and find yourself no longer of this world. Now Mr Hair is a curious looking creature bearing a slight resemblance to a more skinny Earthworm Jim outside of his suit. Though lacking the automatic guns of Mr. Jim, Mr Hair has just his jumping and dodging skills to keep him out of trouble and hopefully out of this god forsaken place. You better be up to the task!

Oh, he's halfway there. Woah-oh, his name is Mr Hair!
Mr. Hair has a nice little charm about him as you bounce along the ground and jump from platform to platform. Also nicely animated are the enemies in your path, from the creepy bouncing spiders (Argh! Spiders!) to the skull-faced bats, they'll have you both wow'd at the animation/graphics and also scared at the same time. Not only that, but you'll also find fires, both stationary and mobile, with a neat burn and flicker animation, scattered around the rooms. Though don't be fooled by their beauty because you'll find yourself with more than a singe should you get too close.  *sniff sniff* Anyone smell burnt hair in here? Gameplay-wise Mr Hair runs very smoothly with plenty of obstacles to overcome, plenty of rooms and enough of challenge to get you sucked in. 

Certainly not a game too easy as to let you walk through the game unchallenged but a game tough enough to make you want to come back for more. Lose a life? Back to the start of the room for you. None of this restarting at the place where you died here - that's for wimps - it's time to do it the old fashioned way. You'll also notice from the games' menu that there are four-way controls so not content with being a game of just jumping and running from left to right, but Mr Stevenson has decided to add that little extra to his platformer so here you'll find plenty of vines amongst the rooms where you can climb up and down as you manoeuvre around spikes and other hazards. Nice!

From hair to eternity!
Last but by no means least (really!) is the games' music. Ah, some of these new AGD games really do have cracking themes, and this one is no exception. Another one here that grabs you as soon as you fire the game up. Reminiscent of the later days of the Speccy when the quality of music was really ramped up from its humble beginnings. One that will stick in your head for the day and really adds to the atmosphere of the game, and also one that will have you nodding your head and tapping away on your keyboard. 

To follow on from the main music on the game, should be unfortunate to lose all your lives (which will inevitably happen) you'll be treated to possibly the funkiest interpretation of 'Another One Bites The Dust' you're likely to hear. Almost worth losing all of your lives on purpose to hear. Actually, I'll re-word that, definitely worth losing all you lives on purpose for. I've honestly spent many minutes listening to this on a loop. I just can't get enough...oh no, that's a different song, isn't it?

So with a game that will have you gripped by its gameplay, looks, animation, challenge and music, what more can I say about Mr Hair other than why haven't you downloaded it yet? Oh, it's because I haven't given you the link. Bugger. Well here goes Click me! When you get to the download section, there is an opportunity to make a donation and please spare what you can because every donation, no matter how small, will be going to the charity SCFA which is the Southern Cystic Fibrosis Association. Any donations would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Another classic game to go on the AGD pile and one to spend some hours of your life enjoying. A big round of applause for all involved in this one!
Why haven't you downloaded it yet? ;)

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