Katabatia - C64 rogue-like announced 8+ years ago gets a release!

If you like C64 games and fancy something different compared to our usual announcements for this well loved retro computer, then you'll be pleased to know malcontent has finally released his awesome looking rogue-like game of ' Katabatia '; a C64 game that was originally started for the very first 16k cart compo, and now be downloaded either via the main forums or via Genesis Project's +4D release with an inclusive trainer.

Although not the highest quality graphics we've seen in a C64 game don't let that put you off, as in this game especially for fans of rogue-likes, it's full of dungeon crawling entertainment! It has dark tombs and creepy passageways revealing themselves as you walk, loot to find such as battle axes, and mighty beasts to attack who are out to kill you. So good luck on your quest, Wizard, Warrior or Rogue as it's a dangerous path ahead.

Links 1) Main Forum Thread 2) Trainer Download

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