ROTATOR - A new Amiga game boxed edition accepting pre-orders 18th Jan

Even more boxed edition news, as earlier today we found out via Facebook, that Psytronik Software have announced that new Amiga game of ' Rotator ' will be available for pre-order as from 18th Jan! This game mentioned by us in October of last year, is a previously unreleased arcade game for the Commodore Amiga, in which you must take control of your ROTATOR craft and carefully manoeuvre it through the varied challenging landscapes collecting diamonds whilst trying to stay above the ever-rising flood level!

According to the feature write up for the game, it will feature 64 colours on screen, 8 worlds to explore, 80 fiendish levels, multiple choices, an automatic replay, dangerous traps, be hard drive installable and finally all playable on an A500+ , A600 or later! So yes if you're looking forward to a very bouncy Amiga game, with a team of people such as Timothy Jon Gilbert, Shaun Watters, Trevor Story and Kenz all developed using Amos, then keep an eye on this one because as we said it's coming this month!

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