Yan's World - A very special Virtualboy and PC homebrew project is coming!

Something of a special treat for Virtual Boy owners, as not only is this the first feature on Indie Retro News for the 32-bit table-top portable video game console, but as of today we've found out that People Please will be releasing a first of its kind game to the Virtual Boy and PC called Yan's World. As in the words of the developer "For the last few years, we have been working on a passion project, one that is the first of its kind, a Virtual Boy homebrew project, coming in 2021, and in PC version as well ".

Although there is a lack of details about the game such as the amount of levels or the story, from what we can see in the animated gif above, this is going to be one hell of a challenging game to beat! Not only are there deadly enemies and traps to avoid, but it looks like one of those crazy levels developed by some mad person pushing the player to the brink in Super Mario. Yes, you guessed it, a level full of nasty traps, quick reflexes and the need to show off!

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