The Curse of Trasmoz - High quality ZX Spectrum game goes FREE!

Great news for this late evening, as just moments ago thanks to a heads up tweet from Volcano Bytes, they have told us 'The Curse of Trasmoz Collector's Edition ', which was previously a lovely boxed pack of ZX Spectrum goodness, can now be downloaded completely free (or pay what you want!).  The Curse of Trasmoz was developed by a great team of people such as Volcanobytes, Defecto Digital, Beyker, ThePope and BitFans, with cover/box art by Dani Diez, and created using AGD and Musicizer II.

For what was an eagerly awaited game with people hoping for a free digital download, will be pleased to know not only is it as we said FREE, but plays as a single screen arcade platformer, featuring 3 areas with more than 20 levels to puzzling, have 4 enemy types with unique behavior to defeat, have amazing ingame music for the 128k version, and finally playable via keyboard, Kempston or Joystick. 

Links :1) Source  2) Twitter 

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