Fix-It Felix Jr on the Commodore C64 could be a GOTY!

I still remember how good Wreck it Ralph was, a cartoon which follows the journey of a villain from an old 1980’s arcade game that at the time in reality never actually existed. Well not until a real online, a mobile based game, a homebrew Sega Genesis emulated version and a Commodore Amiga version came about anyway! Well there's incredible news and one I think is going to be a huge hit in the C64 scene, as Steven Day has shown even more fabulous footage of the upcoming Fix-It Felix Jr for the C64!

Yes that's right the game is still progressing well for a future release! It doesn't just feature high quality gameplay befitting of a commercial title, but there's a wicked new soundtrack by Saul Cross, large sprites and great graphics by Steven Day, and best of all it's being coded by Antonio Savona! Certainly a worthy looking game right here folks and one has every chance of being a Game of the Year....... Well unless Eye of the Beholder C64 comes out ;)

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