Springbot - A great game released for the ZX Spectrum by Andy Farrell!

Not satisfied with the amount of games posted and think more are needed! Then how about this game then called 'Springbot'. A brand new ZX Spectrum game from Andy Farrell 2020, Travis Highrise and Alessandro Grussu, that was developed using the AGDX software by Jonathan Cauldwell! It features lots of devious levels, deadly enemies, dangerous traps, and much much more as another brilliant game shouted about via Indie Retro News.

Springbot only requires a 48K speccy, but rest assured not only is the game a ton of fun, but as commented by the feedback to the video, it's both a simple but very polished collect-em-up, and has beautiful graphics. Certainly one not to miss on this very drab day!

Copyright Andy Farrell 2020
POWERED BY AGDX - Copyright Jonathan Cauldwell / AGD Labs
SPECIAL THANKS TO Alessandro Grussu

Links :1) Website  2) Download 3) Download (Untested)

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