Danterrifik - A 25 level Speccy game from TOKU Retro

Welcome to a new week, a new week full of awesome retro games. The first one to experience and straight out of the TOKU Retro headquarters is a new game called 'Danterrifik '; a new ZX Spectrum game which doesn't just feature 25 very challenging levels, but there's deadly enemies, nasty traps, and the collection of vials of blood and parts of a heart that will enable you to put your body back together again!

In this new game developed by David Gracia, Ariel Endaraues, Sergio thEpOpE, AsteroideZX, Ilya Abrosimov and Igor Errazking, you play as Dan Terkai, a filthy Skeleton awoken from being buried in an old Cemetery.  You are destined to know what has happened to you, you only have one option if you want to recover your SOUL, your BODY and your IDENTITY. You will have to face your great fear: Hell!

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