Devil's Quest - A challenging ZX Spectrum game from Octocom

If you're looking for a new ZX Spectrum to play during the week, then you might be interested to know, that Octocom has released a creepy top-down Arcade game called ' Devil's Quest '. In this game you play as the most trusted of Kings Knights, on a quest to free his people from the forces of evil led by an ancient devil. Through many different levels, you must collect items such as spells, while also avoiding deadly enemies that are very difficult to avoid!

Advance through the dangerous devil's domains infected with spooky minions and destroy the evil beast that has plunged your kingdom into darkness. The game features multiple enemy types, well designed levels, an ever increasing difficulty level, and all of this created by Octocom for the Basic 2020 contest organised by Bytemaniacos in the Compiled Basic category.

Links :1) Website 2) Download

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