Hired Sword 2 - A new C64 CRPG published through Double Sided Games gets a release

Get your wallets ready people as Double Sided Games have just announced another release for the Commodore 64 to help you through these tough times ahead! Yes indeed thanks to a twitter heads up from the publishers themselves, we've been told that they have not only made available the full boxed edition of the latest CRPG called 'Hired Sword 2', but you can also download it right now as a digital download by a team of great C64 retro heads such as Roy Riggs, Mike Richmond and Ten Chu.

Hired Sword 2 is the latest CRPG to come out from Double Sided Games and tells of the story of a Mercanary who after squandering all his coin and libations, has fallen in love with a seductive elf with long flowing hair. The problem is she's gone missing, and your quest is to find her however dangerous it may be! - The game features racy and fun storytelling, 20 maps to explore including 9 dungeons, 36 types of monsters, weapons and finaly armour randomly generated through 1000 combinations.

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