OpenRCT2 project - Open-Source adaption of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 reaches 0.2.5

I'm sure many of you remember the awesome game that is RollerCoaster Tycoon 2; a game by Chris Sawyer and published by Infograms in which you manage your very own theme park, with all its rides, shops, puking guests and economic fortune. Well you'll be pleased to know, that as of last month you can download the very latest build of OpenRCT2: An open source development which improves the game even further with new features, original bug fixes, raised game limits and much more!

RCT 2 was one of the greatest games I have ever played, it's one of those games that gives the opportunity of both young and old to create some of the best theme parks they could ever dream of. You could make the best rollercoaster designs and some of the most dangerous just to see your customers almost faint with such crazy g-force or have the entire park covered in puke. Thus to my excitement with new versions released often, OpenRCT2 Project which is free to download, takes the original hit game ( Which is needed ), adds in many modern features such as uncapped FPS, huge resolutions, and a multi-player co-op and turns this already fantastic game into a near masterpiece.

Changelog :

Feature: [#3154] Use a random title sequence each time it is shown.
Feature: [#6553] Android version now runs in full screen.
Feature: [#7865] Transport rides can now be synchronised.
Feature: [#9073] Shortcut keys for the Tile Inspector.
Feature: [#10305] Add two shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the scaling factor.
Feature: [#10189] Make Track Designs work in multiplayer.
Feature: [#10357] Added window for scenery scatter tool, allowing for area and density selection.
Feature: [#10637] Console command to remove all floating objects.
Change: [#1164] Use available translations for shortcut key bindings.
Change: [#10997] Speed is automatically reset to normal upon scenario completion.
Fix: [#2485] Hide Vertical Faces not applied to the edges of water.
Fix: [#5249] No collision detection when building ride entrance at heights > 85.5m.
Fix: [#6766] Changelog window doesn't open on some platforms.
Fix: [#7784] Vehicle tab takes 1st car colour instead of tab_vehicle's colour.
Fix: [#7854] Cannot build a custom spiral roller coaster design.
Fix: [#7854] Empty entries in spiral roller coaster designs list.
Fix: [#8151] Game freezes upon demolishing mazes at odd heights.
Fix: [#8875] RCT1 competition scenarios are classified incorrectly.
Fix: [#10176] Mistake in the sprite for the land tool's 6x6 grid.
Fix: [#10196] Doors unable to be placed at end of track corners.
Fix: [#10228] Can't import RCT1 Deluxe from Steam.
Fix: [#10313] Path furniture can be placed on level crossings.
Fix: [#10325] Crash when banners have no text.
Fix: [#10376] No ratings generated when a shop and track intersect.
Fix: [#10420] Money effect causing false positive desync.
Fix: [#10477] Large Scenery cannot be placed higher using SHIFT.
Fix: [#10489] Hosts last player action not being synchronized.
Fix: [#10543] Secondary shop item prices are not imported correctly from RCT1 saves.
Fix: [#10547] RCT1 parks have too many rides available.
Fix: [#10587] Update last action coordinates on correct player.
Fix: [#10631] Game bugs out and crashes if you get too many stations via copying stations with the tile inspector.
Fix: [#10662] Duck cheat tooltips look odd and do not explain anything.
Fix: [#10694] The lift hill speed of the flying roller coaster cannot be changed (original bug).
Fix: [#10705] Apply multithreaded rendering to all viewports.
Fix: [#10739] Mountain tool overlay for even-numbered selections.
Fix: [#10752] Mute button state not correctly set at startup.
Fix: [#10822] Can place too many peep spawns.
Fix: [#10898] Banner text has an offset in tile inspector window.
Fix: [#10904] RCT1/LL-scenarios with red water won't open.
Fix: [#10941] The Clear Scenery tool gives refunds for ghost elements.
Fix: [#10963] Light effects are drawn off-centre in some rotations.
Fix: [#10993] Bottom toolbar not refreshing when a guest leaves the park.
Fix: [#11001] Rides list does not use natural sorting.
Fix: [objects#54] Stage Coach cars are not considered covered by the game.
Fix: [objects#56] Handymen cut grass incorrectly.
Improved: [#682] The staff patrol area is now drawn on the water, instead of on the surface under water.
Improved: [#10858] Added horizontal grid lines to finance charts.
Improved: [#10884] Added y-axes and labels to park window charts.
Improved: [#10970] Introduced optional light effects for vehicles at night.
Removed: [#6898] LOADMM and LOADRCT1 title sequence commands (use LOADSC instead).

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