SVLCVSS D - A work in progress pseudo 3d shooter demo'd on the Amiga!

Although I don't usually do writing on weekends as I prefer spending time with loved ones, we weren't going to miss out on this Amiga announcement, as thanks to a heads up from Saberman, we've been told about a new game that is currently being developed for the Amiga called SVLCVSS D; a game whereby you can download as a work in progress demo right now, all coded by Cobe, d4rk 3lf, Koyot1122, testing by Lemming880 and requiring only an Amiga 500 with at least 1MB of ram!

Sadly I wont be able to play this fine looking demo today, but from the look of the video above, SVLCVSS D looks to be an inspiration to the classic C64 game Gyrus, in which you rotate your ship in a pseudo 3d shooter blasting away oncoming enemies.. Or in the case of SVLCVSS D "Boing Balls"

Links :1) Source  2) Download

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