Atic Atac - Ultimate Play the Game classic is also coming to the Amstrad CPC

Ultimate Play the Game released many incredible titles in the 80's, games such as Knightlore, Jetpac, Sabre Wulf and Gunfright to name but a few. But today's news is something special for Amstrad owners, as the rather famous ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro game of Atic Atac, which was also released as a stunning unofficial overhaul for the C64 by Steven Day and Tomcat, will be coming over to the Amstrad CPC thanks to the hard work of shaymanjohn.

Currently details are very spare about this version of Atic Atac for the Amstrad, but from what we do know is the game is currently being developed using Mode 0, and as the designer is not an artist nor can he rotate the background due to mode 0 pixels, he still hopes his hard work will have the game at least recognizable to that classic by Ultimate so he can move on! - For further details check out the link below.

Developer Questions :

  • Is this likely to be served with some kind of take down notice? I don't want to go too far if so.
  • Depending on the answer to 1, would anybody be interested in doing some nicer graphics for this (as I'm using the speccy data structures and map, there are certain restrictions to consider size wise).

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