Pi-Dentity - A brand new game for ZX Spectrum owners across the globe!

Glorious news if you're looking for a new ZX Spectrum game to play from this weekend and beyond, as thanks to a heads up from both Andy Green, and Chris Wilkins of Fusion Retro Books. We've been told Sebastian Braunert, Uwe Geiken, Rich Hollins and Andy Green with Lobo has released the down scrolling shoot em up of Pi-Dentity; a brand new ZX Spectrum 48k game developed on the SEUD platform!

If you're looking a very strange yet great game for your ZX Spectrum 48k then look no further than Pi-Dentity released through Fusion Retro Books. It features top quality blasting action, smooth frame rates, different enemy types, multiple progressing layouts, and finally a complete twist of math's as playing as Pi, you must shoot at enemies that are coming at you in waves.... Yes you'll have to play it to see how strange it is!

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