MINI PRINCE - One whole level of ASCII Prince of Persia platforming fun coming to MS-DOS [RELEASED]

What a great Friday this is turning out to be, as just moments ago we were told that the all time classic platformer of 'Prince of Persia', is getting a one level make over into a full ASCII experience. Yes indeed thanks to a heads up from the developer Anne Bras, we've been told the upcoming game which is being called Mini Prince, will be a cute fan-made fantasy platformer for MS-DOS systems, as a completely stripped down to its bare minimum and thrown into a shrinking device version of Prince of Persia.

Although we still have to wait till the tiny fan game is released, the game will feature a whole level of fun, full on ASCII action, a very tiny resolution of 104x80, lots of Sword Fighting, and finally sound effects as you traverse the level and die on nasty spikes... And that's all we know so far, so keep checking below towards the end of the month for the all important download.

Links :1) Source 2) RELEASED!

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  1. Similar, with all levels:


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