The lost treasures of Tulum - A new ZX Spectrum game appears from RetroWorks

Retroworks are a group of very talented European programmers who make some excellent games for some of our favourite retro computers including Spectrum, Msx and Amstrad cpc. The Lost Treasures of Tulum for the ZX Spectrum 128k is certainly no exception. A very colourful and large sprawling adventure which sees you as the protagonist Joe Díaz, exploring an Ancient temple on a personal quest to explore the history of the legend of Coatlicue deep within the caverns of Tulum.

According to the website, you must enter the Temple of Tulum through a secret cave and must avoid deadly traps and enemies to recover the jewels to open a magic door to the next level and the hopeful way out from the Temple itself. What makes this game not just graphically appealing, is the fact that every level is consumed by darkness with only a magic torch left by the sun king to illuminate the way once walked. So good luck adventurer this may be the last time you ever see daylight again!

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