Toofy's Nutty Nightmare - Jump and collect game released for the ZX Spectrum

Fancy playing another ZX Spectrum game for a new Monday announcement? Well how about this new game from Paul Jenkinson, it's Toofy's Nutty Nightmare; a game that was originally going to be released for the Vega+ but instead released for the ZX Spectrum. As in the words of the developer, a re-descovered game from his hard drive and adjusted for the ZX Spectrum as a jump and collect platformer.

Yes indeed welcome to a brand new game from the same creator who also made enjoyable ZX Spectrum titles such as Antiquity Jones, Kyd Cadet and Code Zero. A game in which you play as Toofy on a personal nightmarish quest to collect all of his stolen nuts, thrown away by the evil monsters that lurk within his dreams. Good luck Toofy, it's time to find those nuts!

Links :1) Source & Development Info

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