Alien 8 - Ultimate Play the Game classic on the Plus4, C128 Vic-II and VDC gets an update

In November of last year we announced here on Indie Retro News that the Ultimate Play the Game classic of 'Alien 8', was ported over to the C64 with the hard work of Mariusz, EMU, music by Saul Cross and loading screen by STE. A game that was originally developed by the legends that is Ultimate Play the Game, and was released way back in the mid 80's for the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC and MSX.

Fast forward to today however and while many of us thought the game was done and dusted, we have been contacted by Milo that the same team behind the more recent port, has released version 1.20 for the C64, Plus4, C128 Vic-II and VDC. As in the words of Emu " Updated version of Alien 8 (V1.20) now available for C64, Plus4, C128 Vic-II and VDC, with a number of small bug fixes and improvements that have been made to the code thanks to Mariusz, Saul, STE and Luca ".

Please note that if you play the C128 VDC version with WinVice then please turn off Video cache in the Video settings/VDC render box, as you might get video corruption if you don’t.

Links :1) Source 2) Download

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  1. What I would have given to have had Knight Lore / Alien 8 on C64 back in the day. Such a shame though I wonder if the coding/dev techniques/knowledge required to make it happen were available for Ultimate back then?


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