BlitzWays - A brand new Amiga 500 game from Sebastian Hartmann

It's the Amiga's time to shine once more, as moving away from the Shadow of the Beast inspiration of EON, we've been contacted through our email from the developer himself, that Sebastian Hartmann has announced the release of the Amiga game BlitzWays; a brand new Amiga game as an oldschool puzzler in the style of Mahjong or Lin-Wu's Challenge written entirely for the Amiga 500!

Although the development history can be found on the main website and I highly recommend reading it as it tells you about BlitzWays and how it started its life way back in 1992. In regards to the actual gameplay itself, this is a concentration-demanding puzzle-deconstruction game in the fashion of MahJong and Lin-Wus Challenge. You pick pairs systematically from a large set of tiles and respect certain rules of alignment or accessibility.

Minimum requirement: Amiga 500+ (ECS), 1MB Chip-RAM, Kickstart 2.0 or higher.

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