My first assembly game as Mario's Cement Factory for the C64 is now available

As the C64 was my first computer you would think it was the system which first introduced me to the magic of play at home video gaming. But actually it wasn't, because before my family brought home the bread bin that day, I’d been playing some of the Nintendo Game & Watch handheld games. Including my favourite: Mario’s Cement Factory. For almost as long as I can remember I’ve been wanting to make a game for the C64 - But apart from some BASIC text adventures and messing around in SEUCK, I never quite managed it until now.

I always knew that BASIC games were too slow, and SEUCK games were too limited, and the secret to make those smooth arcade like action games - you needed to use assembly language. For some reason I never figured out how to do that myself though or even how to enter a single line of assembly language. Maybe I was too hooked on just playing the games, or distracted by boring school work!

Thus if you’ve been following my own Twitter feed, or Twitch channel these last couple of months  and the previous write up on IRN for assembly development, you'll be pleased to know that I have finally finished and available for release my first assembly game, Mario's Cement Factory ported over to the C64. A game originally released in 1983 as an LCD based handheld video game known as "Game & Watch".  The game was developed by Nintendo R&D1 which was led by Gunpei Yokoi. There was also a table top version of the game, with differing rules and gameplay to the handheld.

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