Red Sunset - A rather cool Amstrad 128K Shoot em up is released by ESP Soft

Listen up Amstrad owners have we got a special treat for you! As this week thanks to a heads up via our twitter page, we have found out that ESP Soft has released the full version of their classy shoot em up called ' Red Sunset '. This game which previously appeared as a Xmas Demo, is a high quality Amstrad game that was developed by ESP Software with music/fx by McKlain, graphics by Sad1942 and programming by Artaburu.

I was able to play a short playthrough of Red Sunset during its demo stage and let me tell you even at that stage of development, it was still a rather impressive game demo indeed. Now complete however, the game features high quality graphics, superb scrolling, addictive arcade gameplay, wicked music, and plenty of blasting action to keep you going through the days ahead.

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