Storm Chase - A new C64 game whereby collecting rain drops is fun!

Welcome to a new week, a new week full of great games. The first one up and one that was released over the weekend, was The New Dimension's Arcade collecting game of 'Storm Chase' for the C64. This game available to play for free, is a brand new game written as a covered feature for the Scene World issue #30; a game in which you play as a fearless Storm Chaser trying to protect your village from a magical cloud that drops giant rain drops.

Your quest is to guide your storm chaser and catch those magic rain drops and avoid letting the rain drops hit the ground, otherwise the river banks will start rising. Once the river bank reaches over the flood defense gates, you will lose a life. The game features 16 levels, a limited amount of rain drops to complete a level, dangerous lightning bolts, and finally addictive collecting gameplay which makes you feel like you're playing on an old Game and Watch.

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